Shireen Bishop is the Chief (and only) Industrialist at Twill Industries.  Trained as a fiber artist, she makes objects inspired by industrial materials and traditional fibers processes.  Her work is about the exploration of a process and material and pushing each to see what they can do.  She particularly likes using materials that have known uses (ball chain, denim, oilcloth for example) and finding ways to change their context.

Her line of crocheted ball chain jewelry came out of a piece she showed at the Biennale in Milan in 2008.  She combined large swaths of crocheted ball chain with LEDs to create a chandelier that produced multiple layers of shadows. You can see it here.  While the exploration of shadows was intriguing, more so were the requests from professors and colleagues for necklaces. 

Shireen holds a Master of Architecture with an emphasis in Interior Architecture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA in Fiber Arts from the University of Washington.  She lives in Seattle with her husband, two young sons and a Kindle full of romance novels.

You can find her oilcloth bags at the Twill Studios Etsy shop here.